I blog. You blog, He, she, it blogs. What a word! What a concept!
However, I am told by my Super Webmaster that if I want folks to be able to find The Old Greer House for their youth group, then I need to update my site somehow every week. A blog seems the easiest way to proceed. It is a cozy rainy day in Banner Elk, so it seems to be a good day to begin.
Offering lodging to youth groups has been a great gift to me. Paul tells us to "practice hospitality." I wonder if he ever made up bunk beds? It is an ideal time to pray for the youth group, the youth pastor and what the Lord will accomplish in a weekend in the mountains. I am honored by so many of you who have visited our little farmhouse retreat, who have reported the good things He has done. Maybe I can tell some of your stories as I "blog." blessings! Claire