The Sweetness of the Lord

Dr. Dave and Claire began their courtship (after 7 years of friendship) over breakfast at Sarge’s Restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia. During the conversation of that meal, they talked about dreams for the future – things they would like to do with their lives. Claire told Dr. Dave, “I would love to have an old farm house in the country where I could invite high school folks to come for a visit and experience the beauty of God’s creation.” In the intervening 35 years, that wish was forgotten amidst the busy-ness of marriage, residency, and raising four children. Even when The Old Greer House became a place to welcome youth groups to the High Country, the Sarge’s breakfast wish was unremembered. Finally, after a dozen years of inviting high school folks to experience the beauty of God’s creation, the long ago wish was remembered, and it made them laugh. God is amazing!